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3.1. Creating a Filter -Defining Conditions

Filters are custom-created views of requests based on a set of criteria.  They are available to you from your HelpSpot Workspace by simply clicking on the filter name in the Left Bar Navigation. 

Creating a Filter – Defining Conditions

When creating a filter, you can define an infinite number of conditions, and combination of conditions, that requests must meet to be included within that view. Conditions are based on individual elements of the request, customer, or actions taken on a request. You must define if the requests should match any or all conditions provided for the filter.

For each condition there is a means to define the value, via either a drop-down or text field. Each condition provides an additional drop-down for selecting the operator (for example: greater than, less than, is/is not) to define how the specified value is applied.

For more advanced filter creation, sub- or nested groups of conditions can be created using the advanced condition of ALL/ANY of the following are true. When either is used, nested drop-downs will appear where the sub-condition group is created.


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