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4.3. User Preferences

Once your account is created, you have the ability to set/edit preferences by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen and choosing Preferences from the dropdown menu.  Make sure you hit Save at the bottom of the page to ensure all changes are applied.

a)     Default to public note. Selecting this will default the note type to public each time you enter the request page.

b)     Default time tracker to open. For installations that utilize the time tracker, you can opt have the time tracker open each time you enter the request page, saving a click of opening the time tracker.

c)     Return to request after closing. By default, when you close a request, HelpSpot will return you to the filtered view you were in prior to entering a request. Selecting this option will bring you to a request summary page once a request is closed. Enabling this option will give you an opportunity to double-check a request after closing but before moving to the next request.

d)     Number of request history entries shown by default. You can enter the desired number of request notes seen within the request history. HelpSpot defaults to showing 10 request history entries. Regardless of the number set in the preference, you can see all request history entries simply by clicking the Show All link at the bottom of the request history list on the request page.

e)     Default Request History View. You can specify if they wish to see Full Histories or Only Notes for every request you view.

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