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1. Setting Up Your Email on Your Mobile Device (iOS)

iOS Email App Set-up

While we recommend using the Outlook App for accessing your student email, we understand it's important for some people to have all of their emails in one location. The following are 

  1. Go to Settings, select Mail, and select Accounts
    iOS settings icon

  2. Select "Add Account"
    add an account icon

  3. Click the Exchange icon
    select exchange in email

  4. Input your @csusm.edu campus email address, then name the Description as you wish (e.g. name CSUSM)
    input your csusm email address

  5. Click "Sign In" to proceed to use your CSUSM Microsoft Exchange account.
    signin to exchange

  6. Sign in using your CSUSM campus credentials
    use campus credentials

  7. Select the information that you want to Sync, then click "Save"
    select information so sync

  8. You will now see your CSUSM email in the Mail application.

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