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1. Poster Printing Services

Large Format Poster Printing

IITS maintains and operates a large format printer for use by the campus community at a cost of $0.67 per linear inch.  This printer is capable of printing posters as large as 48 inches wide and the desired height.


Print requests should be submitted to the Help Desk on the 2nd floor of the Kellogg library or by email at sth@csusm.edu. Files should be sent as either a PDF or as PowerPoint format in the dimensions requested. Once the requested graphic has been reviewed for quality and measurement, the requestor will take an order form to the cashier's office to make a payment. For faculty, staff, or student orgs who wish to use a specific fund we will require the full chartfield string number (chargeback) for the account you want the funds taken from.

Pricing is determined by the length of the poster. If the longest side of the poster is greater than 42in, we will calculate the price based on that length. For example, the price of a poster that is 36in x 48in would come out to $32.16 ($0.67 times 48). If a poster is less than or equal to 42 in. long we would determine the price based on the smaller side, therefore a 30in x 40in poster would total $20.10 ($0.67 times 30).

Posters will be printed within a 72 hour turnaround time. 

Refund Policy

1. IITS will consider offering refunds on a case-by-case basis. However, refunds will not be provided in the following situations.

2. Output is unacceptable due to client errors such as spelling mistakes or misplaced graphics.

3. Colors or images are not what the client expected, and the plotter is behaving normally. Clients should do small test plots from their own application to learn what sort of results the application will produce before submitting a large, expensive plot. Image quality is the client's responsibility

4. The plotter produces flawed results for any reason but the client opts to use the results anyway.

 As an alternative to our print services, we recommend the local FedEx Office Print & Ship Center.

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