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1. How to Add a Network Printer

Network printers are available for faculty & staff throughout the campus. Requests to add, change, or modify existing networked printers should be sent to the Help Desk for review.

Adding your printer on Windows:

  1. Click the IITS Self-Help folder located on your desktop.
  2. Open the folder "Campus Network Printers"
  3. Choose the print server depending on what kind of printer you wish to print to:
    1. \\printbwc (for black, white, and color printers that are approved HP printers) OR
    2. \\printcan for the Canon multifunction printers OR
    3. \\printmisc (for specialty printers).
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select your printer from the list.  Printer names are based on building name and room number the printer is located in. Double-click on it to begin to install.
  6. If you are prompted to install drivers, click on the Install drivers button.
  7. When you see the printer queue window pop up, you will know you have successfully installed the printer.

NOTE: If you are having a problem printing to a printer and you are advised to reinstall it, you should remove the existing printer before installing it again. To uninstall a printer, go to Start, Printers & Scanners, click on the printer, and select Remove Device from the menu. Go through steps 1-5 (above) after it's removed.

Adding your printer on a Mac:

  1. Get the name of the printer
  2. Go to System Preferences and select Printers & Scanners
  3. Click the + icon at the bottom left to add a printer
  4. Select IP (globe icon) at the top
  5. Addressnameofprinter.csusm.edu
  6. Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  7. Queue: leave blank
  8. Click Add

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