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2.1. Creating a New Request


 Using what is called the "Workspace," you will be able to view your own queue of requests as well as requests belonging to your group.  

Creating a New Request:

  1. Click on the Workspace icon.
  2. Choose Create Request.
  3. To add customer details,  insert the customer's first name in the First Name box, and type in the person's last name (this is optional, but adding a last name will reduce the number of results).
  4. Click on the Live Lookup tab.  This brings up all users with that name.
  5. Click on the correct user's name, and then choose Insert Customer Information to automatically populate all the contact information.  (Helpdesk employees only:  Be sure to bring in the customer's asset information via the Asset Search.)
  6. Add details about the request in the Note area.  Below the Note area are three choices – please leave the Private option as is. 


The next part of request creation deals with assigning the ticket and categorizing it.

  1. Off to the right, you'll notice the area for New Request.  This is where you'll add the status of the request, where it gets assigned, and the type of request.
  2. Under Status, there are five options.  Choose one of these options for your request, based on these definitions.  NOTE:  This doesn't define whether the request is open or closed.  This is just a description of the current state of the request. 
    • Active Status (the default status for newly open requests; a request that is not yet resolved)
    • Work in Progress Status (status used for an on-going project)
    • Resolved Status (designates the request is finished; no further action needed)
    • Customer Unreachable Status (request is considered finished because customer did not respond to our follow-up questions)
    • Ready for Pickup at Helpdesk Status (work on the request is completed, but customer still needs to pick up item.  When the item is picked up, the request should be changed to "resolved.")
From the dropdown list, choose a Category (formerly called workgroup).  (This listing is current as of November 2012):

Application Design

Auxiliary Operations

Call Center

Classroom Technology

Computer Refresh

Cougar Courses

Enterprise Systems

ERP Systems

Fac/Staff Helpdesk

Helpspot Help

Identity Management

Information Security


Library Systems

Media Production Services

Network Operations

Printer Group

Project Management

Student Technology Helpdesk

Temecula Support


Third Party Systems

UVA/Quad Support

Web Systems

PeopleSoft Curriculum

PeopleSoft Finance

PeopleSoft HR

PeopleSoft SA

PeopleSoft Scheduling




Assigned to: is used to assign the request to the entire group or just one member.  It defaults to Inbox then Change ... as a reminder for you to choose either the Inbox (which goes to everyone in the group) or to a specific user.  IITS typically has defaulted to "unassigned" for a request to a group of people, just in case someone is out of the office.
  • If the user is a VIP, the box will automatically be checked.  Requests for new VIPs can be sent to helpspothelp@csusm.edu.  
From the dropdown list, choose a Request Type (formerly called CTIs or categories).  (This listing is current as of November 2012.) 

Access to Folder/Drive/Listserv

Account Administration

Asset Management/Refresh

Classroom Technology

Cloud Storage

Cougar Courses


Event Support

Evers System


Live Chat

Media Production









Security Camera





Video Conferencing





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