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2.5. Updating a Request

Updating a Request (including Closing a Request)

Open the request, and then add whatever information you need to the request.  When you are done , choose the appropriate button at the bottom of the page (Update Request or Update and Close if you are closing the request).   


Updating a Request via Email

Simply hit "reply" to the email you received about a request and this will update the ticket. 


Updating a Group of Requests Simultaneously

HelpSpot allows you to update a group of similar requests at one time.  For example, you can merge multiple requests into one request, or close a group of similar requests all at the same time. 

When you are on a page that shows a group of requests, such as the Inbox, you'll see a checkbox next to each of the requests.  All actions are performed by selecting the checkbox next to the desired request(s), and then clicking the desired action button. 


If you choose to Merge requests, you will be required to select the receiving request.  Once the merge is complete, you will be brought to the request page for the receiving request. The individual request histories of the merged request are inserted in chronological order within the receiving request.  All merged histories are clearly identified, allowing you to retain an accurate account of all interactions. 

Any responses to the original request are automatically routed to the newly merged request.

As an example, let's say the Call Center receives a dozen calls within 10 minutes about connectivity issues with the wi-fi.  Using Batch Respond, we can update all applicable requests explaining the situation while also updating the status, category/assignment, and/or reporting tags.

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