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Accounts and Access


1. Password Reset and Recovery

1. Change or Setup Your Password

Please login using the link below to create or change your password. Completing both steps takes just 5 minutes.

Password Requirements

Your password needs to be atleast 15 characters and no more than 32 characters. No special characters are required.

Password Expiration

With the added security of DUO multi-factor authentication, your password will only need to be updated once a year. 

When logging in, use username@csusm.eduwithout the COUGARS part.
DO NOT USE username@cougars.csusm.edu

Create or Change Password

2. Set Up Self-Service Password Recovery

Enroll an alternative email address and phone number in the self-service password portal so that you can recover your account in the event that you forget your password. 

Self Service Password Recovery

Account Recovery Guide

2. Activate Your Disabled Account

If an account remains inactive for more than 6 months, it may be disabled. If you would like to request the account to be re-enabled, kindly complete the following form. Please note that the information requested on the form would be the same as the information that your have on file. If you cannot recall this information, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (760) 750-4814 so that they can assist you.

If you need access to official transcripts, you may not need to re-enable your account. Please check our transcripts page to see all available options.

Please allow up to 24 hours for these requests to be processed. After your account has been re-enabled, you will receive an email containing a temporary password and instructions on how to reset it.

3. Password Requirements

Beginning on 12/08/2020, CSUSM is enforcing a new password standard which offers a greater flexibility in phrasing along with a reduced need to change or update your password as often.  

The new passwords 

  • will be valid for one year.
  • must be a minimum of 15 characters, a maximum of 32.
  • do not require capital or lowercase letters or special characters.
  • must not contain simple patterns or easy-to-guess phrases (i.e. password1234)
  • must not contain any part of your full name.


1. Setting Up Your Student Account

Creating your student account is a straightforward process that involves setting up your password. To get started with creating your password, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit Microsoft's Password Reset website
  2. In the Email or Username section, type in your username@csusm.edu (be sure to use @csusm.edu)
  3. Follow the steps on the screen to create a your Applicant password
  4. The verification method will be the phone number you provided when you applied. You can choose to either receive a text message or an automated call for verification.
  5. If you did not provide a phone number or if the phone number looks incorrect, please respond and let us know.

If you don't have your student username, please contact the Student Technology Helpdesk at techsupport@csusm.edu and provide your student ID number. You can find your ID number in the email you received from the Admissions office.

2. Requesting Transcripts

There are 3 different options for Students and Alumni to request official transcripts. Official paper transcripts can be ordered via Parchment or through MyCSUSM. Electronic transcripts can be ordered by clicking the blue box "Order Via Parchment" on the following page: Transcripts Information

To get an unofficial transcript, current students can login to MyCSUSM, navigate to the Student Center, and click "Transcript: View Unofficial" from the drop-down menu under the Academics section.


Former students and alumni: if an unofficial transcript is needed and your account is disabled or you do not remember the password, please follow the steps on this page to get access to your account. 

3. Checklist for Graduating Students


The term in which you have officially and successfully completed all of your graduation requirements. You must apply for the term (fall, spring, or summer) in which you plan to graduate through your Student Center in MyCSUSM.  If you do not apply for the correct graduation term, you may run the risk of not receiving an enrollment date to register for classes,. Once final grades are posted, your record will be evaluated and your diploma will be sent to you via mail to your address on file (see Registrar’s website for processing timelines). Students should also review their Academic Requirements Report (ARR) via their Student Center in MyCSUSM to verify completion of all requirements. Please note that your ARR will show your status as "Applied for Graduation" until your degree has been conferred. For more information and FAQs, please go to this site.

Graduation and diplomas are processed by the Office of the Registrar.

Students eligible to participate in the spring 2023 commencement ceremony are:

  • Those who have completed their degrees at the conclusion of the fall 2022 semester (prior to the spring commencement ceremony).
  • Those who expect to complete their degree requirements at the conclusion of the spring 2023 or summer 2023 semesters.

Below is a brief checklist for graduating students:

  • Apply to Graduate
  • Register to Attend Your Ceremony
  • Graduation Audit
  • Verify Your Name and Mailing Address to Receive Your Diploma
  • Pay All Balances on Your Student Account and Clear All Holds
  • Financial Aid - Complete Exit Loan Counseling
  • Attend GradFest
  • Visit the Career Center
  • Complete Your CSUSM Exit Survey
  • Transfer your data from your OneDrive account*
  • Attend the Correct Commencement Ceremony
  • Receive Your Diploma!

*Important: if you are leaving or graduating from the university, you will lose access to your Microsoft 365 programs and data. Transfer your data before it gets deleted! If you wish to retain your data before leaving the university, please be sure to back up your data onto a personal cloud storage prior to leaving as to not lose any data. If you need assistance, visit our Help Desk

Faculty & Staff

1. Checklist for Faculty & Staff Before Seperation

2. Employee Onboarding Information